Put Simply

You will be supporting local, renewable energy.

You, the customer will continue to get a bill from Central Hudson.  On it there will be a credit for the percentage of Our Production you have agreed to purchase.  For example if you have agreed to purchase 2% of our production and we produce 100,000 kWh that month, you will get a credit for 2000 kWh.


The amount you will be credited (per kWh) will include the cost of the supply and more which will cover part of the delivery. 


You will then receive a bill from us that will list the credit you received on your Central Hudson bill, your percentage discount (10%) and amount due.  This guarantees you pay less than what you would have paid Central Hudson.


Keep in mind, that like farmers, we rely on the weather to make power.  All of our plants are "run-of-river", (which is the most environmentally responsible way to run),  so we make more power when the streams run high and less (sometimes much less) when there are droughts.  This is why we ask for a one year commitment to try to match your consumption with our production.